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A customizable Information synchronized ERP product of AppsoftInfosystem Pvt. Ltd, is a world class institute management ERP that leaves a significant impact on everyone and every process involved in the functionality the of schools and colleges.

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PPC Strategy

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Ad Copywriting

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PPC Optimization

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Front Office &
Student Information

There are many sub-tasks performed by the front office staff like responding to admission inquiries and assigning enrollment numbers, ID cards, RFID cards to students. The Front office & student information module has all such features to carry the afore said tasks. Apart from these, they can set the calendar for the upcoming events, holidays or exams. The Front office staff can handle the inward/outward and visitor’s management.

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Our process

We enjoy adapting our strategies to offer every client the best solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.


We take a note of every smallest requirement of your institute that is needed to customize the iSYNC ERP as per your needs.


Customise ERP
With every requirement translated as a feature in iSYNC ERP we feed your institute’s latest information.


Do’s and Don’ts
Our team members share with you on how to use the software effectively over a training session.


It is all yours
Once the software is handed over to you, your team is all set to use iSYNC ERP for all the tasks that you wanted it to do.